Advanced Osteotomy Tools (AOT) is a Swiss MedTech company located in the City of Basel. Founded in 2010, we are developing surgical solutions by integrating optics, robotics and digital technologies.


Our vision is to significantly improve outcomes of osteotomies by offering digital surgical solutions.




Our mission is to overcome the limitations of interventional mechanical instruments for osteotomies. With our solutions, we will improve patient recovery times, reduce complication rates and lower overall procedure costs.


To accomplish our mission, we have developed and patented the world’s first Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome: CARLO®. AOT’s “cold laser ablation” technology is proven to facilitate bone healing and enables custom-shaped cut paths that are impossible to achieve with existing mechanical instruments.

The perfect interaction of the robot-arm and the laser is allowing for superhuman precision when executing the preoperative plan in a multitude of indications. The pre-op planning is done easily and supported by our indication-specific software while intraoperative adjustments can still be made ad-hoc at any time.

CARLO is a robotic platform that can be upgraded with future technologies for diagnostics and therapies, that are currently under development. With CARLO, we are establishing a new surgical field – the contact free laser osteotomy.