Questions to AOT's new and former Chairman of the Board

Insides into the past, present and future of our company

Heinz Jacqui - New Chairman

As very experienced expert in robotics and complex surgery equipments, you joined the board of AOT. What fascinates you about CARLO?


CARLO (Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome) is the first fully autonomous robot with contact free cutting. This new robot category will allow the creation of highly precise implant beds in a variety of bones.


What do you see as challenge for AOT?


Surgeon training will be key. For surgeons it will be a completely new way of working – to rely on the autonomous robot, preparing the “perfect implant bed”, while still staying 100% in control and be totally flexible to adapt intraoperatively.

What is the opportunity for AOT?


CARLO is not be changing today’s procedures, but it will fully digitalize an orthopedic procedure. After a digital planning, CARLO will execute digitally, generate a log file and allow for precise planned or selected implants to be added. CARLO can laser any bone. Based on our strategic partners we can optimize the applications.


What is your goal for AOT?


My goal is that CARLO will be an integral device in any orthopedic surgical procedures, teaming up with CMF/extremities partners, with large joint partners and with neuro partners. We can laser any bone.

Erich Platzer - Former Chairman

Why did you invest as business angel and with your family office into AOT?

The vision of Alfredo Bruno and the expertise of Prof. Philipp Juergens convinced me. With their research and the unique combination of laser, robotic arm and navigation, they have set the basis for a new robotic category.

What was the best moment, while you were chairman of the AOT?


The first one was to reach the first CE label, still under MDD, for our first CARLO model, as it provided proof, that AOT, despite being a small startup – could successfully develop one of the more complicated and innovative medical devices in history. The second best moment was reaching the first 100 CARLO patients during this summer. Bringing better bone healing and ultra-precise cutting with a contactless laser robot to the medical community in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France was a huge achievement.

What was the most difficult phase over the last years?


Running our first-in-man study during COVID times was very difficult. But we have achieved a CE marking in January 2021. We are now in process of achieving CE marking according MDR. But yes: regulatory work has become very work intensive in Europe.