CARLO premiers in France

The very first robotic laser bone surgeries in France were carried out in mid April at the CHU Amiens. A total of four patients were successfully treated with CARLO during these first operations. Everything went smoothly.

The maxillofacial surgery team of the Amiens-Picardy University Hospital, led by Prof. Sylvie Testelin and Prof. Bernard Devauchelle, used CARLO for the first time in France. Their patients could benefit from CARLO’s unique benefits such as outstanding precision and less infection risk thanks to contactlessnes. 

CHU Amiens write in their press release: “The upcoming acquisition of two robots by the Fair Faces Institute (one in the operating room of the Amiens-Picardy University Hospital and one in the IFF research center) will allow to widen the applications to any bone cutting of the facial or cranial mass but also for all other bone surgeries as soon as the protocols will have been created and validated.”

Further Links

Press Release by CHU Amiens (French only)

France TV station FR3 reported on the CARLO surgeries in their show 19/20 on the 13th of April. Scroll down to find it. (French only)