Cut with Light

CARLO® stands for Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome.

Our Laser Osteotome is the world’s first certified surgical device that cuts bone with a laser. CARLO® combines an advanced Er:YAG laser head with a tactile robotic arm, a 3D navigation system and indication-specific software for preoperative planning and intraoperative use. This next-generation platform gives surgeons full control of the digitised workflow to enable the best possible results for every patient.
Laser head of Advanced Osteotomy Tools' surgical robot CARLO®


CARLO® is the first safe autonomous surgical robot. When precision matters or multiple cuts need to be carried out, the seamless execution of a preoperative plan saves OR time. Cut surfaces can be matched with outstanding precision which eliminates cumbersome (re-)modelling of grafts and improves the outcome of osteosyntheses.


CARLO® comes with an indication-specific software suite to create a seamless digital workflow from pre-op planning to completion of the procedure. After uploading a patient’s 3D imaging data, the surgeon uses AOT’s software to predefine cut paths which can then be transferred to CARLO® for exact execution. Intraoperative adjustments to the plan can be made at any time from the touch screen interface on the CARLO® console.

Console of Advanced Osteotomy Tools' surgical robot CARLO®
Advanced Osteotomy Tools' surgical robot CARLO® enables functional cuts


While mechanical tools only cut straight or slightly curved lines, CARLO® creates limitless custom geometries. As a result, bone segments can slot together like puzzle pieces, enabling the use of less rigid plate systems. Moreover, the larger contact surface can facilitate the healing process.


Compared to existing tools, CARLO® significantly reduces mechanical and thermal trauma to the surrounding tissue during osteotomies. Studies have shown that laser ablation with CARLO® preserves the porous bone structure and vascularization, whereas mechanical instruments leave behind a smear layer by forcing debris into the healthy bone. This smear layer impairs perfusion and delays healing. Cutting with CARLO® accelerates this healing, which can reduce post-operative complications and improve the experience for both patient and surgeon.

AOT's 3D navigation camera


CARLO® brings advanced computing to the operating table, and can therefore use powerful software to enhance patient safety and surgical performance. For example, the system knows from the pre-operative imaging where vulnerable nerves are located in each individual patient, and avoids harming these structures intraoperatively. Contactless optical detection is also used to monitor the cut depth and provide live feedback to the surgeon. Designed for the future, CARLO® can be augmented with new technologies like real-time tissue diagnostics (currently under development).


CARLO® never gets tired and is always ready to operate. The combination of laser, robotics, and computing power enables contactless autonomous interventions, reducing complication risks and staff fatigue. The tactile robot arm is designed to work collaboratively with people; if the patient position changes or the arm is touched, the system stops the laser instantaneously, repositions itself, and then continues to cut exactly where it left off. A visualisation laser shows the surgeon a preview of the planned path before the cut is initiated, and at any time the surgeon can pause the procedure using a dedicated handheld control.

Advanced Osteotomy Tools' surgical robot CARLO® can reach any spot on the patients' body with its robot arm


CARLO® can reach any part of the patient’s body thanks to it’s fully articulated robot arm. Even traditionally difficult cutting paths on highly uneven or curved bone surfaces pose no challenge to CARLO®, as the laser can neither slip nor bend. Additionally, CARLO® can cut bone into any desired shape – creating osteotomies with interlocking bone segments for improved primary stability and healing.