Advanced Osteotomy Tools - AOT AG

(In Liquidation)

Please contact Rolf Freiermuth, Liquidator

Advanced Osteotomy Tools - AOT AG in Liquidation

Please contact Rolf Freiermuth, Liquidator

Reinventing Bone Surgery

Advanced Osteotomy Tools is reinventing bone surgery by developing novel digital solutions – like CARLO®, the world’s first Laser Osteotome approved for clinical use. CARLO® cuts bone with extraordinary precision in any desired geometry using a groundbreaking cold ablation laser combined with robotics, navigation, and smart software.

We believe that CARLO® is the key to the truly digital OR of the future, where a pre-operative plan can be autonomously executed with perfect accuracy every time.    

Advanced Osteotomy Tools' surgical robot platform CARLO

The CARLO® Platform

Released in 2021, CARLO® is the world’s first approved Laser Osteotome. Designed from the ground up with a minimal footprint and easy-to-use touch screen interface, CARLO® works collaboratively to support the surgeon and the entire surgical team. By seamlessly integrating computing power into the OR, CARLO® augments existing workflows with advanced digital capabilities to improve surgical care.  

Laser Osteoplasty

Laser Osteoplasty enables contactless, highly reproducible, and fully customizable cut paths for the first time. Compared to existing instruments, CARLO® can improve the tissue’s regenerative ability at the cut surface and facilitate bone healing as a result. Unlike mechanical instruments, lasers cannot blunt or deform and are intrinsically sterile. With this next-generation tool in their hands, we believe that surgeons will be able to provide even better outcomes to their patients across a wide range of surgical procedures.    

Advanced Osteotomy Tools' surgical robot CARLO® allows functional cuts when performing Osteotomies

Functional Cuts

Mechanical instruments have always limited surgeons to straight cuts or round holes. Laser cutting eliminates this historical constraint to allow limitless patient-specific cut geometries – including puzzle piece cuts that fit perfectly together. These interlocking cut geometries are a paradigm shift in primary stability of osteosynthesis and increase the bone-on-bone contact area for optimized healing.

Safe and Effective

After more than a decade of R&D, our Laser Osteotome CARLO® is certified (CE, MDR) for use in operating rooms across Europe. With a comprehensive record of pre-clinical testing, and 30+ successful clinical cases, CARLO® has demonstrated its readiness and unique value. Robotic laser precision, functional cut geometries and healing advantages, all in an easy to adopt, user-friendly system. Our highly differentiated technological innovations are protected by more than 17 patent families globally.

AOT's surgical robot CARLO® in practice at the Paracelsus clinic Munich
Advanced Osteotomy Tools' surgical robot CARLO® is able to cut any human bone

The Future

Starting with CMF surgery in Europe, we continue to expand the indications for CARLO® to bring the unique benefits of Laser Osteoplasty to other procedures and specialties throughout the body. We are actively growing into new geographic regions with additional regulatory clearances to serve customers and patients across the globe.

Our roots

AOT was founded in December 2010 by laser physicist Dr. Alfredo Bruno, robotics expert Prof. Philippe Cattin, and CMF surgeons Prof. Hans-Florian Zeilhofer and Prof. Philipp Jürgens. Their vision is nothing short of reinventing bone surgery. Unfortunately, Alfredo Bruno, whom many call the father of CARLO®, passed away unexpectedly in 2020 and so could not witness the realisation of his dream – a market ready Laser Osteotome.